About Us

IDS was founded by experienced engineers and managers who realize the need to ensure that our government, military, and commercial customers have an alternative to the defense contractor “status quo”. The IDS approach to systems development and unique customer solutions is based on a time proven premise: “Giving the customer the best value solution is always the right answer”. We believe that there is no better way to build our business than to build our customer’s business with high value, technically innovative solutions and services.

Mission Statement

To provide talented employees a rewarding career solving important, technical problems in an environment where doing "the right thing” is more important than profit.

At IDS we believe that:

  • Our first responsibility is to our customer
  • Our customer’s success is our success
  • Ethics take priority over Profit
  • Team work and communications are the keys to success
  • Every aspect of a program must be balanced and integrated into the whole project
  • Process, innovation, and cost must be balanced
  • Employees are the company's most valuable resource
  • Employees should benefit if the company does well
  • Those that contribute to success must be rewarded appropriately


IDS principals have over 100 years combined engineering experience in the design, assessment, implementation, and testing of complex military and commercial systems. Our expertise is focused on the critically important area of decontaminating vehicles and equipment during and after any chemical, biological or nuclear crisis or foreign animal disease outbreak. IDS combines existing, semi-custom and custom hardware and software in innovative ways to produce automated decontamination systems that are designed to be environmentally sensitive. This approach not only results in more reliable systems, but often in reduced life-cycle costs and delivery times. We specialize in automated and robotic systems specifically designed to deal with the dull, dirty and dangerous.

IDS developed the world’s first fully automated portable vehicle decontamination system as its flagship product. The portable wash tunnel is fully self-contained and can be transported to any location in a small trailer. Four people can set up the entire system in approximately four hours. The system consists of a lightweight robotic gantry spray system that needs no operator control or intervention to measure, clean and decontaminate vehicles and farm equipment up to 70 ft long, 8 ft wide and 14 ft high. Each vehicle is measured by the gantry’s sensor system to ensure that only the vehicle is treated and no decontaminate is wasted. All overspray and fluid runoff is reclaimed to ensure that the surrounding environment is protected. The entire system is housed in a 25 ft by 80 ft rigid inflatable shelter. Permanent versions of the system designed for chemical and nuclear plants, trucking companies, feed suppliers and poultry, cattle, dairy and swine farm protection are also available. All systems can be monitored by a single operator using a wireless tablet capable of reporting a variety of faults, prognostics and diagnostic events. The integrated maintenance system can send text messages to repair staff and management for any fault condition.

IDS is also currently designing other innovative products such as an autonomous robot capable of decontaminating the complex surfaces found on the underside of vehicles as well as a vehicle interior decontamination system. We are on the forefront of supplying emergency and routine decontamination systems that can pay for themselves in a very short time through reductions in chemical, water and operational manpower. Please feel free to contact us with your unique decontamination needs – large or small. We would be happy to recommend a variety of cost effective options that can help ensure the security of your enterprise.