How it Works

Our flagship product is the Portable Vehicle Wash Tunnel. This system is completely self contained in a small transport trailer that can be towed by a pickup truck. It includes a large diesel generator, computing, pumps,controls and communications that are all housed in a 25 ft. x 80 ft. rugged inflatable shelter when deployed.

The entire system is designed for portability and rapid response to chemical and biological terror events, and for daily protection of poultry, swine, cattle and dairy farms. It can be set up in 4 hours or less by 4 to 6 people, and can be operated remotely from a wireless tablet by a single operator. Our patented robotic gantry and fluid management process actually measures the vehicle/equipment and ensures that the minimum amount of chemicals are used for the decontamination process.

All runoff fluids are collected by the system so that there is no detrimental environmental impact. All fluids can be disposed of by commercial septic tank cleaning companies at municipal sanitary sewer plants for a very small cost. If you would like more details about the Portable Vehicle Wash Tunnel, it's optional permanent mount system for farm protection applications, or other IDS products,
please contact us.